Microsoft brings SharePoint to iOS, now Intranet is in your pocket

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Microsoft launched a new mobile app in iOS for SharePoint Intranet users and also announced that, they will release the app on both windows and Android before year end.
An intranet Portal is as internal corporate network that allows employees to share news, files, and collaborate on projects across the organization. Around 2 Lakh organizations businesses are run behind SharePoint. Only lacking thing is that the portal users are not able to access the content from their smart devices.
Aiming for the future of the SharePoint, Microsoft launched a new mobile app. It allows organization employees to access the SharePoint intranet portal and its contents from their smart phones and tablets. 
SharePoint content is available to the business’s end users using iOS devices. At the end of this year, it will be available for all the users no matter which device they’re using. 
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