How to Create Web Parts for SharePoint?

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Web Parts

SharePoint Web Part is a control that enables end user to modify the content, presence, and performance of web pages directly from a browser.

From Developer view, Web Part in SharePoint is a user control which is packaged and deployed at Site Collection level.

From an End User view, it’s a site management component helps to manage content and images. End User is also able to manage SharePoint web parts in the web page for better appearance.

Steps to create a SharePoint Web Part

  1. Create or open a SharePoint project.
  2. Choose the SharePoint project node in Solution Explorer and then choose Project, Add New Item.
  3. In the Add New Item dialog box, expand the SharePoint node, and then choose the 2010 node.
  4. In the list of SharePoint templates, choose Web Part.
  5. In the Name box, specify a name for the web part, and then choose the Add button. The web part appears in Solution Explorer.
  6. In Solution Explorer, open the code file for the web part that you just created. For example, if the name of your SharePoint web part is WebPart1, open WebPart1.vb (in Visual Basic) or WebPart1.cs (in C#).
  7. In the code file, add controls to the CreateChildControls method.

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