Microsoft highlighted Project Server 2016 Features

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Introduction of resource management Microsoft Project Server 2016 introduces a new interaction model b/w project managers and resources managers which is named as ‘resource engagement’. It helps in determining their spending time in coordination & commitments around resources and projects. A new feature “Capacity and Engagements Heatmap” for resource managers provide a visual view of their resources capacity, helps in allocation decisions. Infrastructure consolidation In Project Server 2016, the entire project data is stored together with the SharePoint data in the SharePoint content database. This simplifies the administration of the SharePoint farm since each Project Web App (PWA) site no longer requires a dedicated database that needs to be maintained. This reduces IT overhead and improves the backup and restore story. Ease Deployment The Project Server 2016 installer is fully integrated into SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise. (No longer requires the separate installation like previous versions. User experience improvements User will have a new feature to add multiple timelines to the Project Center or schedule pages and also allows PWA users to customize the date range or look and feel of these added timelines.

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