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Our Latest Mobile App Releases

Picx Editor

Picx Editor is a free and powerful image editor designed for Android devices instead of Windows' Photoshop or Gimp.It supports cool effects. There is also the popular Share function, and it can be used just as an image viewer.

Classic Sudoku

Classic Sudoku is the most popular logic-based number puzzle game. With three different levels and natural interface, this app is sure to be your favorite. The game theme is to place 1 to 9 in each grid cell, so that each number can appear only once in each row/column and each mini-grid.


XpressmusicX Player is free and powerful android application designed with an idea to access the music collections on your device easily and effectively.

Sum Game

Addictive Sum Puzzle app is a simple and fun puzzle game. This premium quality android app is the perfect choice for lovers of puzzle games. Hope you enjoy…

File Explorer

File Explorer is a file manager application made for Android phones and tablets. With our application, you can easily find, navigate and organize all of your files and apps on your device.

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